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Intensive Training

Intensive Training

Intensive Training

For international students and those further afield, or if you are local and
wish to train intensively, we offer the following comprehensive training courses.


You will have access to all weekly classes plus regular intensive sessions.
This can either be booked in as blocks of full days or 3-hour extended training sessions.
-Taught alongside other intensive students
-Subject to Timetable Availability -Advanced Booking Essential


This is a one-time payment and you will learn the entire Level System.

Once certified, you are welcome to come to the regular weekly training sessions free of charge. Access to your obtained level techniques only – you will not be taught anything above your current level until you decide to pursue the next level system.


Complete Level One System


One-time payment includes:
-Foundation Level

-Crossing Hands System

-3 Empty Hand Forms

-Entire Wooden Dummy Sets





Complete Level 2 System


One-time payment includes:

-Dragon Pole System

-Further Chi Sau Sets

-Kicking Drills

-Control Centreline

-Poi Poi

-Advanced Muk Yan Jong



Complete Level System – Coach


One-time payment includes:

-Baat Jaam Do
-Weapon Fighting
-24 Training Skills
-Fighting Skills
-Special Chi Sao Drills

-Coaching Techniques


All Three Levels – Discount £POA