Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Wing Chun is a Chinese Martial Art and form of self-defence,
specialising in street-style close-quarter combat

It is known for its economy of motion, direct power,

and lightning speed, designed to deal with an aggressor

as fast as possible with minimum effort.

Wing Chun specialises in using structure and re-directing energy, enabling a smaller person to defeat a larger person.

Class Timetable

Tuesday 7pm-9pm

Thursday 7pm-9pm

Sunday 9am-12pm [Drop-in Session]


FREE Trial Class

1 Class a Week – £45 per Month

2 Classes a Week – £55 per Month

3 Classes a Week – £65 per Month

Level Certification £POA
Wooden Dummy Sets £POA

30% Student Discount

Private Tuition available @ £35ph