My Sifu 

Sifu Gary Lam (Lam Man Hog) is a world-renowned Wing Chun Master, being one of a select few that have actually walked the walk, competing in many competitions.

He was trained by the legendary Wong Shun Leung, who himself was a direct student of the Grandfather of Wing Chun –  Ip Man.
Wong Shun Leung was also a fighter and considered the principle Wing Chun instructor of Bruce Lee.

Sifu Lam trained with Wong Shun Leung for over 15 years and was his head coach for 6 years.
Sifu Lam distinguished himself by winning the Hong Kong Full Contact Elimination Tournament in 1978, defeating all challengers in three elimination fights.
He also had the honour and distinction of serving as the 1991 President of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Society.

Sifu Lam has created a refined, complete system.
Spending time with him is truly a blessing, Sifu Lam remains humble, generously sharing his wisdom.

sifu gary lam with lewis arnold at seminar in dachau