Class Timetable
Tuesday 7.30pm-9.30pm
Thursday 7.30p-9.30pm
Sunday 9am-11am

Tuition Fees

First Class FREE

Pay monthly 
2 Classes a Week £55
3 Classes a Week £65

Private Tuition
£35 per Hour

Complete Level Training
-One-off Fee for life, for all training up to the Level
-Unlimited access to all Classes and Private Tuition Slots
-Access to training in Wooden Dummy – from Level 1 onwards (usually £500)
-Access to training in Pole Form – from Level 2 onwards (usually £1000)
-Certification included (usually £500)
Level 1 – £3750
Level 2 – POA
Level 3 – POA

Membership £25
After your first lesson, a membership form is to be completed.
You will receive a free South Coast Wing Chun T-shirt and
be individually insured to train, ensuring your own safety.