Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Gary Lam Wing Chun to the south of the UK and to teach this complete system in the same way as taught to us.

We truly believe that this system will give you the confidence and skills required to defend yourself but wing chun concept can help you in other areas of your day to day life.

The best form of self defense is to become invisible…
If you can’t do that learn Wing Chun!   – Wong Shun Leung

Sifu Lewis is a great teacher; knowledgeable, patient, and humble (even though he is a bad ass martial artist).

The people who attend his classes are really friendly, and the atmosphere is always respectful and welcoming.

I really like this style of Wing Chun, especially the stance and structure that is taught – particular good for smaller ladies, but seems to be adaptable to all body types as is reflected in the diversity of the students.

Try it…you’ll be hooked.


I took up Wing Chun to learn self defence. However, it is more than that because it also teaches us self control and boosts our confidence.
I wasn’t making progress in my previous school and I found Gary Lam Wing Chun which is far better, practical and most importantly is correct in its teaching.
Sifu Lewis is very detailed and patient who explains clearly. His great passion for Wing Chun makes him explore the true and correct Wing Chun styles and he is still continuously improving to the higher levels with Gary Lam so as to impart the true Wing Chun skills.


There is wing chun and there is wing chun. To me South Coast Wing Chun offers the highest level of the wing chun martial art that you can find around this area, following the Gary Lam syllabus. It is practical and extremely effective. Lewis has a sound knowledge and teaches to a very high standard which ensures his students are the best.



Our Instructors

SIFU Lewis Arnold

SIFU Lewis Arnold

SIFU (Coach)

Sifu Lewis is a highly passionate Wing Chun instructor

We have a drill based system which is progressively taught therefore giving you the correct tools at the correct time in your training.

Whilst we encourage hard training we believe this should go hand in hand with your development so the drills are taught at the correct pace and allow you to understand the correct body mechanics of a technique along with structure.